About Us 


We are a customer centric organization focused on building relationships with our clients, growing, and providing the best possible service. Have you ever been with a service provider that just told you whatever you wanted to hear but when it came time for them to deliver, they let you down? 


With Technicians-On-The-Go, we are here with you the whole time, keeping you informed via email, phone, or through a simple text message. If we can't resolve the matter we will look into a feasible solution that you can be satisfied with. 

T.O.T.G Technicians can also work with your current helpdesk to provide senior support and offer solutions that may end up saving you hundreds of dollars that you can use to put toward other projects. Don't waste another minute or dime on unreliable service providers, give us a call and put all of your problems in our hands.

                                                                                                                                CEO- Derek Brown